Armando Perez

Police Department
Title: Sergeant
Sergeant Armando Perez

Sergeant Armando Perez is an 11-year veteran of law enforcement. Sgt. Perez started part time at Harrisville Police Department and was shortly hired full time with Roy City Police Department.  He  is currently a Sergeant in the Patrol Division. Sgt. Perez spent 7 years as a Patrol Officer, 3 years as a detective, investigating child crimes, crimes against persons, and domestic violence.  He served 1-1/2 years as an Agent for the Weber/Morgan Narcotic Strike Force.  Sergeant Perez was a member of the Tactical Operation Group for 5 years, and has been with the Ogden Metro SWAT Team for 9 years and is currently a Team Leader with that unit. 

Sgt. Perez enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at the age of 19.  He was deployed in 2003 with the 2nd Battalion, “8th  Marines, “America’s Battalion,” Golf Company, to Iraq during the initial invasion of “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”  Sgt. Perez served 2 years in Security Forces and 2 years in Infantry. Sgt. Perez was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps with the rank of Sergeant.  


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